Marriage License In Jamaica

Marriage certificates and licenses are legal documents that serve as evidence that two people have undergone legal marriage proceedings, respectively. Both documents give consenting couples permission to marry each other legally – therefore getting married in Jamaica requ ires first obtaining such licenses before proceeding further with legal processes.

Marriage License Applications in Jamaica can be completed online via the official government’s website,, with both individuals needing their own copy. Once both individuals obtain separate copies, both must provide any required documentation in order for their marriage to become valid. In order to secure a valid marriage license in Jamaica, the first step must be filling out and submitting an application properly and completely before being submitted online.

Marriage License Application Requirements

Application requirements include information such as date of birth and address for both applicants, two statements signed by both celebrant and witnesses attesting to its accuracy, as well as any applicable fees which vary based on type and location of ceremony. Once complete, applications should be sent directly to the Registrar General Department of Jamaica along with required fees which vary based on ceremony type and venue.

Once approved, a certificate of marriage will be sent to the Registrar General Department of Jamaica along with any additional documents such as photographs, witness forms and the fee; all must be received and accepted before legalizing a marriage.

Additionally, marriage licenses can also be obtained from local churches; however, this process may take longer due to the additional information they require compared to the Registrar General Department. Furthermore, you will likely need proof that each of you attended marriage counseling prior to getting married as well as proof of identity such as a birth certificate, driver’s license or passport.

Jamaican marriage licenses can also be obtained from the magistrate court by submitting a petition on its noticeboard. Both individuals must attend and a witness for each. After hearing, if granted by the magistrate, then the marriage license will be issued; must be signed by both parties, witnesses, magistrate, pastor (if attending), magistrate and signed by both witnesses as well.

Once they receive their marriage license, couples must appear before the Registrar General Department for further processing. At that point, applicants will wait to be issued their marriage document which will contain their license, certificate, photos, witness forms and copy of their application submitted for further processing.

Once they have submitted the marriage license application form, couples should register the marriage with the Registrar General Department where a marriage certificate will be issued as proof that their union is legitimate and should be kept safely away for future reference.

Overall, Jamaican couples seeking a marriage license may obtain one through either the Registrar General Department or local churches. The process usually entails filling out and submitting the required forms along with required documents, paying fees and providing other relevant details such as proof of identity. Finally, they must register their marriage with the Registrar General Department if they wish their union to be legally binding.

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